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im fairly certain that i like this boy like a lot mostly bc when i saw him with another girl and they were all over each other and i was frustrated and sad and ? like? jealous? also why am i always competing annoying theater girls the last boy i liked i was competing with a theater girl shes not annoying but ya know. why does this always happen to me im so done. okay but if i didnt like him i would like this other boy he is very sweet very cool i am really good friends with him he smells VERY nice we make a lot of eye contact. idk i just wanna kiss someone before this is over i havent kissed anyone for wayy too long

Next time someone says to you, ‘if I were you’, stop them and say ‘well you aren’t’
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these r my friends!! probably shouldnt post pics of them but whatever i feel like sharing. this is my main gang i have a lot more friends but im mostly with these kids. theyre so cool i love them. weird emotion stuff has been happening recently and its weird but i think things r gonna b okay. i may or may not have a crush on the boy in the left picture. by that i mean idk what my emotions r doing. whatever i love him i love all of them. ive been mostly very happy here! this week has been hella anxiety bc weird stuff in my friend group but tbh im happier than ive been in a really really really long time.

pretty things at college camp

yesterday i was with my kinda crazy friend, my sister, and my prude friend and my crazy friend and i were talking about drugs and shit and she was like “so whats the deal w u and drinking” and i was like HAHAH i dont DRINK why would i do that?? and she was like lol ok and i think she might hook me up w a hookah pen? lol last night was weird


Jenny Holzer, Inflammatory Essays, 1991 (excerpt).


Jenny Holzer, Inflammatory Essays, 1991 (excerpt).

i have a sexuality crisis like at least 3 times a night amazing. im leaving for a summer camp college program tomorrow and my mom was like are you gonna get a boyfriend and i was like good joke bc i really do not want a boyfriend i want. a girlfriend. im really gay but confused as hell this needs 2 not

fireworks look / black / packing / books that i intend to read the month of july


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